Exogenous Factors

Tropical cyclone frequency refers to the number of tropical depression, tropical storms, and typhoons that enter or originate in the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) in a given year.

Tropical cyclone is defined as a non-frontal low pressure system of synoptic scale developing over warm waters having organized convection and a maximum mean wind speed of 34 knots or greater extending more than half-way around near the centre and persisting for at least six hours.

4. Exogenous Factors
4.1. Economic Conditions
4.1.1. Key Indicators
4.1.2. Support Indicators Import Prices
4.2. Demographic Conditions
4.2.1. Key Indicators
4.2.2. Support Indicators
4.3. Environmental Conditions
4.3.1. Key Indicators
4.3.2. Support Indicators
4.4. Political Conditions
4.4.1. Key Indicators
4.5. Risks, Hazards, Shocks
4.5.1. Key Indicators
4.5.2. Support Indicators