Food Production Index


Food production index measures the changes in the production of food commodity in a given year relative to base year.

Computational formula
$$FPI=({{\text"Production in the current year"}/{\text"Production in base year"}} ) 100$$
Basic dataProduction
SourcePhilippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

Production (with reference to Crops) - refers to the quantity produced and actually harvested for a particular crop during the reference period. It includes those harvested but damage, stolen, given away, consumed given as harvesters' and threshers' shares, reserved, etc. Excluded those produced but not harvested due to low price, lack of demand and force majeure or fortuitous events, etc.

Production (with reference to Livestock and Poultry) - refers to the indigenous (locally-raised) animals disposed for slaughter plus animals exported or shipped-out for slaughter both in liveweight equivalent.

Production (with reference to Fisheries) - refers to the quantity of fish unloaded in the landing center, caught in in inland bodies of water and/or harvested/produced from aquafarms; presented in metric tons.

Frequency of collectionQuarterly
Frequency of disseminationQuarterly
Temporal disaggregation Quarterly/Annual
Spatial disaggregationNational/Regional/Provincial