Population distribution by major age group


Population distribution refers to the patterns of settlement and dispersal of a population by major age group.

Computational formula
$$PDA = \text" Population by age group" / \text"Total population"$$
Basic dataPopulation
SourcePhilippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

Population refers to the total number of individuals in a teritory at a specified time. It covers both national and alien, native and foreign born persons, internees, refugees and any other group physically present within the borders of a country at a specified time. In assembling national demographic statistics for publication, the basic aim has been to obtain data for the physically present (or de facto) population rather than for the legally established resident (or delure) inhabitants.

Frequency of collectionEvery ten years
Frequency of disseminationEvery ten years
Temporal disaggregation Annual
Spatial disaggregationNational/Regional/Provincial