Ratio of arable land to total population


Ratio of arable land to total population refers to the proportion of arable land to total population.

Computational formula
$$RAP = \text" Arable land" / \text"Total population"$$
Basic dataArable land
SourceFood and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Arable land is the land under temporary agricultural crops (multiple-cropped areas are counted only once), temporary meadows for mowing or pasture, land under market and kitchen gardens and land temporarily fallow (less than five years). The abandoned land resulting from shifting cultivation is not included in this category.

Frequency of collectionAnnual
Frequency of disseminationAnnual
Temporal disaggregation Annual
Spatial disaggregationNational
Basic dataTotal population
SourcePhilippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

Population refers to the total number of individuals in a teritory at a specified time. It covers both national and alien, native and foreign born persons, internees, refugees and any other group physically present within the borders of a country at a specified time. In assembling national demographic statistics for publication, the basic aim has been to obtain data for the physically present (or de facto) population rather than for the legally established resident (or delure) inhabitants.

Frequency of collectionEvery ten years
Frequency of disseminationEvery ten years
Temporal disaggregation Annual
Spatial disaggregationNational/Regional/Provincial/Municipality