Policies and Programs

Nutrient Fortification

Nutrient Fortification includes programs which aim to address micronutrient deficiency.

Food Security Policies and Programs Description Year/s Implemented Implementing Agencies
Mandatory Food Fortification Law

Mandates the compulsory fortification of rice with iron, flour with vitamin A and iron, oil with vitamin A, sugar with vitamin A respectively, to ensure a steady supply of the essential micronutrients to the communities


Legal Basis: RA 8976

2000 to present DOH, NNC, Food Industry
National Salt Iodization Program

Mandates the compulsory fortification of iron with iodine

Legal Basis: RA 8172

url: http://www.gov.ph/1995/12/20/republic-act-no-8172/

1995 to present DOH, NNC, Food Industry
Milk Standardization

Philippine National Standard on Fresh Milk.

This standard applies to liquid milk products which are fresh milk to include fresh cow’s, buffalo’s/ carabao's, and goat's milk for direct human consumption or further processing in conformity with the description of Section 2 of this standard.

This standard does not cover reconstituted, recombined or reconstructed milk, toned milk and other milk sources not specified above.

Legal Basis: Memorandum Circular dated 06 November 2007, pertaining to the implementation of  Philippine National Standard -  Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards (PNS-BAFPS 36:2007) on Fresh Milk with International classification standards (ICS) No. 67.100.01

2007 to present NDA
Cooking/edible oil Fortification

Edible oil fortification requires oil manufacturers/refineries and importers to add Vitamin A to oil at doses similarly prescribed by law. PCA to monitor and ensure compliance of the affected sectors of the edible oil industry.                                                 

Legal Basis: R.A. 8976

2005 to present Philippine Coconut Authority
Rice Fortification Program

It is a joint program between NFA and DOH thru a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in June 2004 for the joint monitoring and review of the program for rice in consonance with the Philippine Fortification Act of 2000 or Republic Act 8976 which requires the implementation of the mandatory food fortification for rice with iron except brown rice and locally produced glutinous rice, including those milled and distributed by the NFA.

2004 to present NFA, DOH, National Nutrition Council (NNC), BFAD