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We can be Heroes
09:02:43 AM | Monday, March 27th, 2017

Author: Mary Angela S. Barlongay

Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Philippine Statistics Authority.

Last year, April 17, we experienced the hottest temperature in Manila at 37.7 degrees Celsius. While many across the US had extremely harsh winters over the past five years, which is believed to be caused by melting sea ice on the earth’s jet stream. In 2013, Eastern Visayas was struck by one of the most intense tropical cyclones in the world, Super Typhoon Yolanda; destroying more than a million homes and killing over 6,300 people. El Niño (dry weather and droughts) and La Niña (rainy weather and floods) are currently wrecking our source of food and our farmer’s income. Food security has declined dramatically in many countries. One out of nine people worldwide are not able to eat proper meals. In the Philippines, more than 3.1 million Filipinos are starving.

These are the effects—the dangers—of climate change. Climate change is real and it is happening now. But it’s never too late to help. Together, we can create a sustainable future for the next generation.

Yesterday, worldwide movement Earth Hour was commemorated all over the world including the Philippines. The event, held at the at SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia had Filipinos turning off their lights, along with 7,000 other cities worldwide, to raise support and funds for access to renewable energy, protection of wildlife and their habitats, building sustainable livelihoods, and driving climate-friendly legislation and policy.

“Earth Hour is definitely more than just the symbolic switch-off,” said lawyer Gia Ibay, Earth Hour Philippines national director, “as it aims to bring concrete solutions, at a time when the challenges of climate change and environmental issues are all too real, yet showing the power of collective climate action.”

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