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Hungary keen on infotechnology, water, agriculture ventures with Philippines
09:31:13 AM | Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Author: BusinessWorld Online

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THE Philippine-Hungary Business Forum was convened yesterday along with the re-opening of the Embassy of Hungary in Manila, signaling more economic cooperation between the two countries.

“We came to the Philippines, we established personal presence in order to route Hungarian companies to work together with the Philippines and for more market-driven opportunities,” said Hungarian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto during the forum.

Hungarian’s trade chief pointed out three major areas in economic cooperation: research and development (R&D)/information technology (IT), agriculture and water management.

“Because we are a landlocked country, we have to put all our emphasis on the skills and creativity and the Hungarian people, so we put many emphasis in R&D-driven fields and IT, meaning that IT applications, urban development and management applications and machinery applications are based on the highest technological level and we can offer these kinds of technological products and know-how too,” Mr. Szijjarto said.

As for agriculture, he added that Hungarian food security is among “the strictest” in Europe, noting that its constitution bars the sale of genetically modified products.

“We have been in long negotiations with authorities here in the Philippines to receive permission and licenses to be able to start the meat export to the Philippines... this morning we just received a letter from the (Department) of Agriculture that three Hungarian companies have the license to start exporting meat to the Philippines, which will be a big boost to our agricultural exports,” Mr. Szijjarto said.

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