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Let’s rise for rice
08:58:11 AM | Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Author: Tonyo Cruz

Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Philippine Statistics Authority.

Rice has become very expensive in the past years, but especially now under President Duterte.

The government has tried to deflect the issue by launching a campaign against waste of rice. It is as if there’s a national trend where we willingly throw away precious rice, order beyond what we could consume, or have the means to buy lots of rice only to throw them most of them away.

Enter Bantay Bigas, which tries to pierce through the fake news of tarrification and importation preached by the government as the solutions to high rice prices and low rice supply.

Cathy Estavillo says “rice tariffication is not the solution for the rice crisis happening now in the country. In fact, flooding of imported rice in the local market will lead to our farmers’ bankruptcy and displacement from their lands. It will put our farmers at a disadvantage, especially that the government has minimal support for our rice farmers and the entry of the imported rice may coincide with the harvest season.”

Bantay Bigas also denounces as fake and artificial the National Food Authority’s claims that there’s a rice shortage, and that it is nothing more than a concocted justification for the recent increases in rice prices and for importing 250,000 metric tons of rice.

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