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PH food security not promising – Pangilinan
02:18:17 PM | Wednesday, October 24th, 2018


Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Philippine Statistics Authority.

SEN. Francis Pangilinan on Tuesday deplored what he called the country’s “not too promising” food security situation, saying hunger stalks millions of Filipinos.|

He said the Philippines continues to lag in rice production with only 18 metric tons in 2016 compared to the 27 MT of Thailand and 45 MT of Vietnam.

He added that Filipinos have been queueing for affordable NFA (National Food Authority) rice, while some towns in Mindanao saw the price of the staple rise to P70 per kilo.

“Hunger stalks an estimated 3.1 million Filipino families, who have experienced involuntary hunger at least once in the last three months, according to latest survey,” Pangilinan said as the country observed World Food Day.

He said Thai farmers earn about P32,000 a month with 3.2 hectares of farmland. Filipino farmers, on the other hand, earn P8,300 a month with only 1.3 hectares of farmland.

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