Commodity Coverage

Commodities covered by PhilFSIS fall under three (3) groups: Crops, Livestock and Poultry, and Fisheries.

Among the crop commodities are rice, corn, sweet potato, cassava, and banana (saba). These were selected since they are part of the priority crops under the Food Staples Sufficiency Program (FSSP) of the Department of Agriculture (DA). Rice is the main staple food while corn, cassava, sweet potato and banana (saba) are traditionally part of the meal in the rural areas of Visayas and Mindanao.

Commodities under livestock and poultry and fisheries sectors were selected based on the inputs provided by concerned agencies during the PhilFSIS’ User-Producer Forum. Hog, chicken, chicken egg, tilapia and milkfish are perceived as being the most common commodities purchased by wage earners.