Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework provides the rationale and background for putting up the PhilFSIS. This framework is hinged on the premise that food security is a major concern of every government.

Food security is defined by its three dimensions which are availability, accessibility and utilization. A central component of each dimension is the stability aspect.

Food security, with all its dimensions, is threatened by global, political, economic and environmental threats. Political threats include food policies, laws, civil unrest and the like. Economic threats, on the other hand, are depression, recession, inflation and devaluation. Environmental threats consist of natural calamities and disasters such as typhoon, flood, drought and earthquake. Finally, global threats include trade agreements and international relations that could affect global food supply.

To mitigate the effects of these threats, policy makers should be guided by information which are relevant, comprehensive, timely, accessible and user friendly. Thus, the need for an information system with the aforementioned attributes. Hence, the Philippine Food Security Information System was established.