Operational Framework

The Operational Framework provides the interaction between major components essential in operationalizing the PhilFSIS. Data and information identified to be part of the PhilFSIS will be provided by different data systems both from the PSA and other data-generating agencies.

Food security statistics include production, stocks, prices, per capita consumption, wage rates in agriculture, household income, population and employment. These statistics will be organized into database for more efficient management and use in the computation and maintenance of food security indicators and indices.

Central in the operationalization of this information system is the PhilFSIS website. The website will contain all the food security indicators and indices together with the food security databases and other related information.

A significant feature of the website is the dissemination of information in the form of quick tables, graphs and reports which will help food security planners in designing sound food security plans and policies. Data, information and quick analyses of indicators can be accessed from the website – a one-stop shop for food security-related information.